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Photo and Videos Help You Improve Your Aerial Dance

Taking photos of your acts will not only create memories for you, but you can also analyze photos and videos to help you improve your technique. It is one thing to be told your toes are not pointed or that your arms flail out of control during a drop, but to see it with your own eyes makes an impact.

Do not waste the chance to self-critique yourself.

Angle the camera so that you have as plain of a background as possible, and also try to play with video editing software that is now available on most computers. Apple computers have iMovie, which is a pretty easy way to create short videos of your work as a highlight reel.

If you decide to become a professional, having a lot of footage to draw from when you create a portfolio reel will be helpful. For this reason, make your videos with high quality, including lighting and editing, so that eve your "beginner" footage can later be spliced into a portfolio video. Even if you don't use your beginner footage to show anything advanced because you were still learning at the time, if you are wearing a great costume or have on interesting makeup, that is still footage you can use.

Do not get expensive equipment; almost any digital camera today has video features. Have fun!

Watch this compilation of some of the best aerial videos currently on Youtube and other public forums. These video clips were chosen for their quality and polish.




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